install FreeDOS from Linux

Lindin (the LINux Dos INstaller) is a set of shell scripts designed to install FreeDOS to a hard disk partition from a running GNU/Linux system. It contains all packages from the FreeDOS 1.0 distribution, plus updates from the FreeDOS 1.0 update server. The script has a zenity frontend for using a propmt-based GUI and a dialog frontend for running Lindin from a terminal.

To avoid the problem of booting DOS from an mkdosfs-formatted partition, Lindin uses GRUB4DOS as an "in-between" step, installed to the partiton's boot record and loading KERNEL.SYS.

Features - Downloads - Notes Current version: 1.0 (4/21/09)


The following features are available in Lindin 1.0:


The recommended and most recent version is 1.0.2. It is available in three formats: deb, rpm and lzm. (The rpm version is slightly outdated but still works.) Please visit the downloads page to get the newest version.
On RPM and deb formats, lindin is split into four packages: lindin (the script itself and GRUB4DOS binaries/source), freedos-base (BASE packages from FreeDOS 1.0), freedos-base-source (source to the packages in freedos-base), and freedos-updates (binaries and source for packages from the FDUPADTE server.)


Known bugs in version 1.0.2:

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